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De Ala Dental Care Testimonials - Ricardo S. De Ala, DMD Feedback

I recently switched to this dentist and decided to try them after having mixed experiences through with my former dentist. GREAT GREAT GREAT dentist and staff.

Not only is the entire staff great but the dental office is completely modern and they make you feel like your right at home. The dental industry is a business too but I feel they are honest in their recommendations and they have my best interest.

I originally decided to go to them based on their perfect yelp reviews and now I'm convinced they are worth the positive feedback.

Whats so nice about the whole situation is I've stayed right across the street from them for over a year now. Doesn't get any better.

Mac - Fremont, CA

I have been going to De Ala Dental Care for the past few years and they are a wonderful group of people. Dr. Rick gives very thorough exams and cleanings. He takes the time to listen to any concerns you may have and even does Zoom whitening. The entire staff is very friendly and whenever you walk in there, they greet you like family. I've always found it very easy to make and reschedule appointments with them--which is great for me, because I go here even though I live all the way in Oakland. I would highly recommend De Ala Dental care to meet all your dental needs.

Maria - Oakland, CA

I just moved here from Oregon a month ago and began to experience tremendous pain in my wisdom tooth. I knew no one who could help me and I was in great pain. I took a chance and went on YELP to see who they would recommend and lo and behold, Dr. De Ala and his Clinic was highly rated. Every word that was written is true and my 50 years, they are the best team I have ever had work on my teeth. Dr. De Ala is very competent, skilled, compassionate and his entire team is very customer-oriented. Even though after the procedure, I was still experiencing pain, Dr. De Ala and his team worked me in several times to address the "dry socket syndrome" that I had developed. They took such good care of me that I signed up my husband and my daughter will also start going to them. They treat you like family, explaining not only the procedure, but also the billing process. They are the consummate professionals! I highly recommend them! PLUS, their hours include Saturdays and late hours.

Sandra - Fremont, CA

I have been going to De Ala Dental since it opened and have no complaints of the service or customer service that is provided. Elle and the Staff have been excellent, professional. I can always get an appointment that fits my schedule. Dr Rick is always great too, I always feel like my teeth are so clean when I leave the office. He is always gentle in my mouth. Not aggressive and poking me and saying "whoops" like some other dental offices I have experienced in the past. It's great to find a dentist who will deal with little people who are not always easy to give dental care to! When anyone needs a dentist in the area I always mention De Ala Dental. This place is highly recommended if you are looking for a dentist!

Cathy - Newark, CA

I used to see Dr. De Ala when I lived closer to Fremont and thought he provided the most thorough dental care I have ever received. I think he is a perfectionist (but hey, don't you want that in your dentist) as he spent much more time and effort than any other dentist I have ever seen. Even when we moved, had a baby, etc. my husband and I continued to see him because of the excellent care he provided + flexible scheduling. When we had our second, it just became too far to travel. My teeth haven't been the same since . . . Highly recommend Dr. De Ala!!!

Suzy - Lafayette, CA