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Quality Dental Crowns & Bridges in Fremont, CA 

When teeth are worn down or lost, a dental prosthetic is used to reconstruct that part of your smile. Dr. Ricardo De Ala can help you rebuild the beauty and functionality of your smile through cosmetic dental restorations. Namely, Artist Walk Dental provides porcelain crowns and bridges to patients in Fremont’s Mission San Jose and Ardenwood neighborhoods, Union City, Hayward, and the surrounding communities.



Teeth sometimes decay to the point that they will not survive within the smile unless their entire structure is reconstructed. Teeth can also be damaged by other traumas, such as impact injuries and the habitual chewing of ice. Cracks and chips caused by these traumas will either encourage greater decay or lead to a broken tooth.

Crowns are used by our Fremont dentist to restore a single tooth which is too damaged to survive on its own, but not damaged enough to necessitate extraction. These porcelain caps seal out decay, hold cracks closed, and make the tooth physically stronger overall. Crowns are also the final step of a root canal procedure, as the pathway to the roots can only be closed with a cap.

Fixed Bridges

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of dentists and patients, teeth may be lost. Patients could rely on dentures to replace large amounts of missing teeth, but such a procedure would be excessive for only one or two missing teeth. Dental implants are an option if a patient meets the right conditions, but are not typically covered by insurance.

If dentures and implants are not viable options for you, a fixed porcelain bridge may be the answer. Bridges are a series of connected crowns permanently affixed to the smile. The first and last crown are placed on existing teeth, in order to anchor the bridge in place; the crowns in the middle are the actual teeth replacements.

Why Porcelain?

Our Fremont dentist has his crowns and bridges made from dental porcelain. Porcelain is both long-lasting and natural-looking, making it ideal for cosmetic restorations like crowns and bridges.

However, porcelain is not the only material available for crowns we provide. Zirconia looks somewhat like natural teeth, although not as much as porcelain does, but is more durable. Clients experiencing teeth grinding, jaw clenching, or other extraneous stress to their smile can request a gold crown. While not as aesthetically pleasing as porcelain, this metal crown has the strength necessary to survive these conditions. By talking to Dr. De Ala, you can request these other materials and discuss what options are best for you.

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Artist Walk Dental provides crowns and bridges to Fremont-Mission San Jose, Fremont-Ardenwood, Union City, Hayward, and the surrounding communities. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. De Ala, contact our practice today. 



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