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Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy in Fremont, CA - Artist Walk Dental - Treating Inner Tooth Health

Ricardo De Ala, DMD provides dental services which protect and restore the health of the smile. One particular restorative dental service in which he is well versed is root canal therapy. Artist Walk Dental provides root canal treatments to patients throughout Ardenwood and Mission San Jose in Fremont, Union City, Hayward, and the surrounding communities.


Why Root Canal Treatment?

Each tooth within your smile is made of three layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. The pulp, the innermost layer of the tooth, is a bundle of nerves and blood vessels which help keep the tooth healthy. While the pulp is normally protected by the enamel and dentin layers, it can become infected or damaged in certain circumstances. If a traumatic facial injury causes the pulp to bruise, or a crack in the teeth allows bacteria to infect the pulp, the pulp begins to decay.

Root canal treatments help remove the affected pulp of the tooth. Without this treatment, infection can compromise the health of the tooth to the point that it would require extraction. Our Fremont dentist provides root canals to help save these teeth from the complications of internal tooth decay.

The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. De Ala begins by applying topical numbing gels to help increase your comfort over the course of the root canal procedure. Then, our Fremont dentist creates a pathway to the infected pulp. The pulp is cleaned out and removed through this pathway; in order to prevent recurring infection and ensure the best results, all of the pulp is carefully removed from the inner chamber. The chamber is then sealed with a bio-compatible material to further prevent infection. Lastly, a crown is placed over the tooth to reinforce its structural integrity and complete the sealing process.

The end result of a root canal procedure is a healthy tooth which looks and feels as it was before it became infected.

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Artist Walk Dental provides root canal treatments to the people of Fremont – Mission San Jose, Fremont – Ardenwood, Union City, Hayward, and the surrounding communities. For more information about our restorative dental services, or to schedule an appointment, call our practice today!



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