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Have a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening in Fremont, CA at Artist Walk Dental

One of the most common cosmetic concerns in dentistry is discolorations on the surface of teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Ricardo De Ala, improves the appearance of teeth through various brightening treatment options. Artist Walk Dental provides teeth whitening services to Mission San Jose, Ardenwood, all other Fremont neighborhoods, Union City, and Hayward.


How Teeth Whitening Works

Many teeth discolorations are external. Staining particles build up and embed on the surface of the enamel, which causes a dimmed appearance. Common sources for these stains are pigmented foods, such as berries and curry, drinks like coffee and wine, and smoke from cigarettes.

Dr. De Ala uses teeth whitening treatments to lift these stains off the enamel. The whitening agents utilized during treatment remove the particles from the enamel, improving a tooth's luminosity. You can enjoy a beautiful smile once again after treatment.

If your stains develop below the tooth’s surface, they cannot be lifted by whitening agents. Artist Walk Dental also offers porcelain veneers for these cases.

Treatment Options

Our Fremont teeth whitening providers offer both in-office and take-home treatment options. Each method has their own benefits other than giving you a brighter smile.

In-office whitening allows Dr. De Ala to dramatically brighten your teeth within one hour. Your appearance is improved in time for your next major life event, such as an important job interview or a wedding. Your treatment can be added to existing or planned appointments. You can have your appearance improved every time you have your regular exam and cleaning.

Take-home treatments involve applying the whitening agents on your own with the use of application trays. You must wear the gel-filled trays for a set amount of time each day. This brightening method fits into your daily routine more easily than trying to schedule appointments. Additionally, the customized trays keep the gel in place and distribute the bleaching agent evenly. For some patients, take-home treatments are more comfortable than in-office care.

In both cases, Artist Walk Dental uses Zoom! Teeth Whitening as his preferred option to lift stains from the enamel. The reason our dental professional favors Zoom! is that it provides results in an expedient manner. Noticeable results develop much more quickly than those offered by other gels.

 Dr. De Ala discusses your treatment plans carefully before recommending teeth whitening. If Zoom! won't help you, you can work with him to get the precise care you need.

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Artist Walk Dental provides teeth whitening treatments in Fremont. Patients from our local and greater community can experience drastically improved smiles through this service. For more information about our cosmetic dental services, call us and schedule an appointment today!



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